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First, choose your frame size and drivetrain. No worries, you will be able to update and complete your configuration as production nears in late 2021.
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Pre-order Equal
Total price: €1490
Light e-bike with removable battery
and adaptive assistance. Made for urban rides
Due today: €100
Clean and lightweight design
The Equal senses your efforts while pedaling. The motor then automatically delivers the exact power you need to keep riding stress-free.
Bring joy to daily commutes.
Ride stress-free
Simply plug the battery into a dock station or charge without removing it from the bike.
Easily remove the battery.
Charge hassle-free
You don't need to use the app when riding.
But you may want to
take a look at your stats
or sync with your
Strava & Health app
essentials at a glimpse
configure the bike,
get direct support
and over-the-air updates
25 km/h assist speed
50 km
14,7 kg
Built for your city
Integrated front and rear lights
Hydraulic disc brakes
Add-ons: Gates belt drive, kickstand, rack
Patented locking mechanism
Specs for geeks
Main Specs
We reserve the right to make changes to features without prior notice.